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Tom Cobian, LMP, CWP
Licensed massage therapist
Certified watsu practitioner

An out of body experience from drowning influenced Tom's self-discovery at a young age. Events like this influenced Tom to learn bodywork as a way to help others.

With almost 20 years as a massage therapist and 15 years as an aquatic therapist, Tom has been involved with a healing community at Stillpoint Health Associates in Seattle since 1991. A special interest for Tom is researching aquatic therapy.

Construction skills are demonstrated throughout Tom's projects such as with one involving a residential therapy pool from design to operation. Tom’s Aquatic Wellness blog explores a commercial therapy pool venture as part of a larger development with a wellness theme.

Prior to bodywork, Tom co-managed a natural food store in the 80's, and raised his son as a single parent. Now dancing and recreation continue to renew Tom's spirit. He uses prayer and fun as guides for helping others in his bodywork practice.

“Getting movement in our bodies is essential for health and happiness.” -Tom Cobian


Massage Therapy

Aquatic Therapy