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Aquatic Bodywork & Massage Therapy Classes


Basic Watsu - Our 18-hour course introduces you to Watsu and aquatic therapies. Taught in a relaxed environment, my class is limited to six students per session. This way, I'm is able to give each person individualized attention.

Self Care Massage Class - Massage techniques combined with tools for a wholesome life style

To ensure my students retain the necessary information, I use lectures, handouts, and gives hands-on water practice exercises. These methods are designed to deepen your meditation skills, your relationship to the water, and your sensitivity to touch through bodywork practiced in warm water. 

Tom Instructing Class in Pool

If you are or want to become an aquatic therapist, you'll find that Watsu techniques are helpful when treating clients with chronic pain. You will also learn about:

  • Contraindications
  • Experiencing the Work
  • Resources & Certification
  • Ai Chi as a Base for Doing Watsu
  • How Aquatic Bodywork Has Evolved
  • Body Mechanics for Practitioners
  • The Benefits of This Treatment for Various Conditions
  • How Watsu Can Be Used to Treat People with Severe Disabilities