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Aquatic Bodywork

Alleviate chronic pain with the help of Watsu pool therapy. Performed by myself, this treatment can be done in your very own pool or large hot tub. Call or email us today to schedule a session.

The Benefits

Besides easing pain, this water therapy is beneficial for many other conditions. Not only can it help relieve stress but also insomnia. It even assists you with increasing your range of motion with passive stretching and experiencing weightlessness while processing emotional experiences. To learn more about the benefits of Watsu, check out the YouTube videos below:


A session costs about $120. . 

Please keep in mind that I require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Cash or check payments are accepted.

*Currently in the Seattle area I have very limited access to any resonable priced therapy pools and am inviting anyone with a large hottub or pool to contact me for a private session at your location.